Hi, my name is Vita, I am creating patterns inspired by Lithuanian nature and on this base I am making lino block prints. All the patterns are created  from the real plant , which I found and sketch.  I truly believe that you have been seeing all those plants in your gardens and meadows. For me Nature and plants are the biggest  mystery and beauty witch I had experienced in my childhood and this magic still allows me to create . I am the same child who had been playing with the leaves and blossoms, but at this  moment I have more possibilities to express myself using different technics.  I am truly driven by possibility to uncover the smallest parts of the field grass which were unseen so far, and now you can carry it on  your purse.

In 2013 I have established studio “Kaupole” where I have pleasure to leave warm prints of nature on the textile and paper. Each single peace of the cloth is printed for the exact item by using water based textile inks. The process requires a tremendous accuracy, as well as précised technological consistency, are necessary to maintain  highest durability and resistance of the product.  The warm hand touched process keeps each piece unique and unrepeatable.  I am pretty sure that there is unique style in my pattern design which couldn’t be described as good as could be felt.

The beauty of local plants, transformed in the unrepeatable texture of linoblock print and possibility to transform those pieces of art into your daily life items is the things which are driving me up. I am excited to share those prints of me soul with you.